The cube that will save your phone’s life


Have you ever just had one of those days where your phone is about to die and you are having memory problems all at the same time? Don’t worry, they have a thing now to help you with your problem.

The WonderCube is a little 1 inch cube that you can have on your key chain that works both as extra storage and battery life. It also can be used a stand for your phone. They have an iPhone and an Android version of the WonderCube.

Good news is that, the WonderCube will be relatively cheap. WonderCube costs $49 without a microSD card, $59 for the 16GB micro SD version, and $79 for the 64GB micro SD version.

To get a WonderCube, you now have to get it through the Indiegogo campaign, which is open until April 15th. Then they will be shipped in August to the backers. Here’s a video for more info on it:

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