Swinging isn’t just for a swing sets.


A&E is trying to take TLC over as the new leaders in trash TV, words that I thought would never come out of my mouth.

The show is called “Neighbors with Benefits” and yes, about swingers. The show follows neighbors that live in Ohio and they are all swingers together. According to our friends at UrbanDictionary, Swingers are:

A married person who enjoys swapping spouses with another married couple

So think it’s like the Sister Wives mixed with Hugh Hefner and his girlfriends.  Can you picture being the realtor for that neighborhood? “The neighbor is REALLY friendly and like to share EVERYTHING.”  The main couple is named Diana and Tony. They began swinging because Diana was afraid that Tony would leave her for another women because he is a player and swinging would make him happy. Then Diana found out she liked it.  That sounds like a solid relationship. Then we meet their “friends” who is very confusing on which ones are into have sex with someone else…I needed a flow track it all along with Dr. Phil to help sort it all out, and that still didn’t help. The names Cody and Brittany, Mark and Maria were thrown out in the mix but I lost track of how many people are in the Swingerhood.  There might be more people on this show but I’m not sure.

The episode starts to get really juicy when Mark was getting naughty from Cody’s wife, Brittany, which is apparently breaking rules of the Swingdom. This sends Cody off the deep in and he wants to beat the crap out of Mark. Mark’s wife Maria pukes, Cody cries, Mark just sits back and watches all while the Brittany has her “oh no! what have I done” phase. This sounds like a bad episode of “Keeping Up with the Kardashian.”

If you get a chance, I would check this show out because who doesn’t like a good ole fashion train wreck. Note that there is no real sex on the show but rather just people proposing it.

Neighbors With Benefits airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on A&E

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