Bangerz Tour DVD is a trippin’


On Tuesday, March 24 Miley Cyrus released the DVD of her highly controversial and popular “Bangerz Tour”, or as I like to call it the “Bangerz Ball.” And like her father’s career, it was extremely disappointing to my “Achy Breaky Heart.” While it seems to be the complete tour, which isn’t always shown on Tour DVDs, it’s just her crappy NBC special that aired back in the fall (don’t remember it? good because neither did I).

The DVD is pretty much a hot mess. The editing is horrible. There are parts where the crowd is cheering, there’s a dead spot, and a few seconds later, the crowd resumes cheering. How hard is it to make it unnoticeable that you splice three days of filming together to make it look like you shot it in one day. And the director of the DVD needs to be fired because while I get that it’s part documentary, that doesn’t mean the concert part should be like a documentary as well. The shots made absolutely no sense because it was just a lot of far away shots while Miley singing and grinding. I’m not watching it to see the crowd every 2 minutes but Miley performing.

The worst part of the entire DVD is that it’s censored. I wanted Miley Cyrus screaming and singing profanity at me. If I wanted to see clean Miley, then I would watch “Miley Cyrus and Hannah Montana: Best of Both Worlds Concert”, which I did because I turned this off horrible DVD off.

Overall, I would spend your money on something better and not on this DVD. Watch the concert on YouTube because the fan made ones is way better.


Rating: .5 tongues out of 5

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