Who is One Direction’s Spice Girl Counterpart?

One Spice

Since I figured out that Zayn is/was the Ginger Spice of One Direction, I thought that we might as well match up the rest of the members to their Spice Girls Counterparts. Now, we are matching up the Spice Girls and the Direction boys based off of how they act, dress, etc. It’s not based on talent because let’s be real: Liam and Harry are the lead singers of the band like Sporty and Scary Spice are. So here is our match ups:

Liam Payne and Posh Spice


Liam and Posh are pretty much the same person. They are the mature ones of the group but can let their hair down when they need to. They dress to impress and is always looking to make people “man, that’s a beautiful person.” Both are extremely ridiculously good look so it’s no wonder they are alike.

Niall Horan and Baby Spice

Niall Baby

Niall and Baby Spice are alike because both are considered to be the “baby” of their respective groups (hence why she’s Baby Spice). Both are viewed as being innocent, especially Niall as he is the only non tatted member of 1D. They also look younger than they are.


Harry Styles and Scary Spice



I’ll be completely honest, they only thing they have in common is their hair…and that their names rhyme. Harry and Scary Spice’s hair game is insane. Harry’s hair looks like he constantly keeps looks like a wet saggy dog while Scary Spice’s hair sometimes looked like horns. If they were to make a baby, that baby’s hair would be long and insane.

Zayn Malik and Ginger Spice

Ginger Zayn

Zayn and Ginger Spice both left their groups. We wrote an article on the topic already so read it here.


Louis Tomlinson and Sporty Spice

Louis Sporty

Louis and Sporty are very athletic and seem to be the most adventurous. They can also be pranksters of the group. That pretty much nails the two on the head.


What members of each group would you match up? Let us know in the comments below

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