The demo that shook Directioners

zaynBy now, you should know that Zayn Malik has pulled a Ginger Spice and left One Direction. Well, just days after doing this, apparently Zayn has a demo out now! Yep, you heard that right! Zayn has a demo and the producer of the demo, Naughty Boy, leaked it today to the shock of the Directioners. Now, while this isn’t a completed single, I’m going to review it because well, it’s out there. Here’s the demo, “I Won’t Mind” for your listening pleasure:


Now the song sounds likes it could be the most depressing song and it’s amazing. It’s a simple song that isn’t overproduced and uses what made Zayn’s voice stand out during his time in One Direction. It’s a very pretty song. I cannot wait for the final version of it.

This demo is actually very surprising mainly because of how fast it was “leaked” after Zayn left 1D. Whether it was intentionally or not, no one was expecting him to have a demo already. The Directioners are pretty much acting like Zayn pissed in their Cheerios, which they would have cherished for years.

They have completely disowned (is that even possible?) him and are wanting an explanation to why he really left 1D and why he has a demo already. They even complied a list of projects that Zayn’s former band mates turned down for the group because none of them have lives.

Zayn’s departure is just one big hot mess and it’s all thanks to the internet community and the Directioner fandom. I bet this makes Ginger Spice happy that the internet was this big back when she left the Spice Girls on May 31.

Rating: 4 tattoos out of 5

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