First look: Batman vs Superman


Holy sequel! We finally got the first look at the sequel to last summer’s “Man of Steel” and oh boy, it looks like it will be next summers ehhh movie. Before I began to judge it, take a look at it:

Now let’s first start with why we have a trailer for a movie that isn’t even coming out this year. Normally, we wouldn’t see a trailer for a 2016 until either this summer or fall. The fact that it’s out already just screams “we are trying to turn this movie into something that is decent enough for a sequel.” The opening of trailer was also very long and somewhat strange. It fit the dialog but it was just over drawn. Then it starts with the dude that was pretty much hated by comic book fans for what he did in the Daredevil movie, Ben Affleck, and shows the Batman suit for the first time before the stereotypical horn music starts and we get more dialog for an over modulated Batman voice and a showdown before Superman and a robotic Batman. The Batman suit is a joke. Why would Batman’s eyes glow blue? He looks like he’s trying to be Cyborg. I wasn’t a big fan of Man of Steel so I’m not even going to mention/acknowledge Superman.

Overall, this trailer sucked and was lackluster. It would have been better if it looked like they actually picked better scenes and had some sort of plan for it.

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