“Let’s stereotype and it’ll be all better” said no one ever


Can we have a serious conversation for a moment? Now this isn’t going to be your average run of the mill article, we are going to discuss something that has been in the news a lot lately and pisses me off. It’s something that feels like I have discussed before to an extent but I’m going all in for this article. So get into a comfortable chair and grab your drink because I’m about to break it down for you.

The state of Indiana has passed a law called the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. This act allows individuals and companies to deny people or groups that their religion doesn’t approve of or they are against their religious beliefs. So pretty much, if you came into my business and I felt that you were impeding on my religious beliefs, I could deny you service. While one would think no one would deny anyone service in their establishment because of the fact they would lose money, everyone is kind of getting the sense that the law would be used to deny the LGBT community service. Evidence to this is the story about a little pizza shop in Indiana that wouldn’t cater a gay wedding, because gay people have no taste and would want to serve Pizza at a wedding. This then caused many people to say “I won’t serve anyone that is gay because it’s against the bible/my religious beliefs.” So this sparks the question: What make a gay person look more different from a person that is considered straight? Do they glow? Do they have a birthmark or a marking on them that shows that they are gay? Can you just look at a person and just go “There’s a homosexual!”

The answer is no. Gay people look like everyone else. They bleed like everyone else, they breathe like everyone else, and they even talk like everyone else. Imagine that! I probably just blew your mind, or if you are like me, you probably thinking that this stuff is common sense. To have a list of characteristics that you use to decide a person’s sexuality without even talking/knowing them is stereotyping. As a person who has been stereotyped throughout life, it extremely sucks and it can be hurtful at time. I fully believe that stereotyping is a form of bullying because it’s pretty much teach people how to discrimination.  Example: you are stereotyping a black person if you think they are going to jump you, which is going to cause you to be less social/fearful of anyone of that race and cause you think that they are going to be up to no good. See how it is a vicious cycle?

This law, whether it was their intentions or not, is pretty much allowing people to stereotype based off of their religious beliefs. Which is funny because isn’t it always said that God loves everyone? So he loves everyone but people who goes against someone’s religious beliefs and will understand if you are stereotyping and denying your neighbor service? I’m not a religious per say, but isn’t “Love Thy Neighbor” mentioned in the bible somewhere?

Now I’m not telling anyone to change/break their religious beliefs, but rather think about it if you were in the person’s shoes that you are stereotyping/denying service to. Would you want to be unfairly judged? Is it fair to judge someone without even knowing them? Would you want it to happen to you? That’s the adult response in this article. Are you ready for the non-adult response?

Grow the f*** up! We live in 2015, get over yourself and shove your self-righteous attitude where the sun don’t shine (spoiler: that’s your ass). You can’t control everyone and make everyone see/believe in what you do. This law was created so you can try to show a community that they aren’t normal and make to others change to your way of thinking. Just let people live their lives the way they want. Is a man marrying a man or woman marrying a woman really hurting your life? If they are just by dating, maybe you should be the one that goes to conversion therapy so you can mind your own damn business and let people live. Stop trying to control over people’s life just because you don’t agree with it. I don’t agree with people’s stupidity but I’m still going to help them. And please for the love of God, stop using the bible as an excuse for you not agreeing with something. There are plenty on modern-day things that we use in our everyday life that according to the bible, would be a sin. It’s hypocritical.

Did you enjoy that non-adult response? Bottom line is: stop trying to tell people how to live their life, treat everyone equally, and love thy neighbor.


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