Netflix just got fuller


Fuller House

It was announced that Netflix would be the channel to have the sequel/reboot to the 90’s classic “Full House.” Entitled “Fuller House,” the show will run for 13 episodes as Uncle Jesse/Producer Person John Stamos announced during his appearance on “The Jimmy Kimmel Show” on Monday.

The show will follow D.J. Tanner, who is now a widow and a vet, as she struggles to raise her three boys (spoiler: she’s pregnant with one!) after her husband Tommy Fuller died while in the line of duty as a firefighter. She called on her sister and now musician Stephanie and her best friend and mom (yes, someone procreated with her) Kimmy Gibbler to help her raise her sons.

So pretty much, it’s like the original series but just in reverse and with a twist. The original cast is also stated to make returns in the series. The big question is now if Mary Kate Ashley Olsen will reprise her/their role as the spunky Michelle Tanner. No word yet but Candace Cameron-Bure, D.J., told Seacrest that the show will be true to its roots:

“We’re going to do this in a contemporary way, but I think the audience will be really happy that we will maintain what Full House represented and that was good wholesome television,”

We are excited to see this reboot when it debuts on the streaming network/channel in 2016.

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