Britney Spears is back, bitch!

Tom's Diner

It’s Britney Spears, bitch! And she has new music out! Now, it’s not Pretty Girls (that comes out in two weeks btw!) She time is teaming up with Giorgio Moroder to cover the 80’s hit “Tom’s Diner” for his first album in 30 years called “Dèjá Vu.” Oh, man is it amazing.

When I first heard Giorgio Moroder’s name, I thought that he was a fashion designer. But I’m now a fan of his after hearing this. (Sidebar: Why is all the good DJs from Europe?) Anyways, the song is very reminiscence of her “Blackout” era but with a taste of the “Femme Fatale” era. If you have never heard “Blackout” then you need to get your priorities straight and spent the next couple of hours and binge listen to that album. Anyways, her voice and the editing on the song is just on fleek, as the kids say these days. It’s just fits her voice perfectly. It’s just one of those covers that makes you like it and want to listen to the original. It’s literally on par with the original and does justice to it.

What doesn’t work with the song? The fact that it was a year and so late for her “Britney Jean” album because this is exactly what that album needed.

Now it will be awhile before you can download it. You can always keep hitting the play on YouTube. You can also pre-order the album if you want the entire album. Here’s the song for your listening pleasure.


Rating: 5 copies of Blackout out of 5


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