McDreamy becomes McDead


Just when you think everything is going the way it suppose to, Shonda Rhimes takes it all away. On thursday’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy, Rhimes killed off Derek Shepherd to the shock and amazement to everyone. The bitch literally threw McDreamy front of a semi.

Welcome to this week’s edition of “Grey’s Anatomy Rounds.” The title is still a work in progress. But here is where I break down the latest episode of “Grey’s Anatomy.” And we decided to start it off with the one that has everyone in either angry, in tears, both, or just plain confused.

Let’s start with the fact that if police arriving at your house and their lights are on, is never a good sign. It’s either someone is dead or someone is going to jail. That should have been a red flag, especially when they ended the previous episode the same way.  I should have known that it will be one of Shonda’s famous twist because no one in her universe can be ever be happy. They either die or move away.

After we have our “oh insert profanity” moment, we are taken to Derek come upon a massive and bad wreck caused by a reckless teenager driving way to fast as he is heading to catch a plane or something. Like the badass that he is, Derek ends up saving everyone involved, including the teen driver as just before his car caught on fire and went boom. Eventually, the firefighters and paramedic come and everyone congratulated and thanked Derek for being a hero. Then the as everything seems right with the world, Derek turns his car around as his phone rings. Then as he reaches for the phone, a semi truck comes out of nowhere and hits him. Picture that scene in “Mean Girls” where Regina got hit by the bus because Cady pushed her (we all know it’s true).

They end up taking the truck driver to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital while they take Derek to a hospital that isn’t trained in how to handle traumas. Because why would they take him to the one place that could help or even that other trauma trained hospital – is that still even a thing? Anyways, the doctors look at Derek and he is subconsciously backseat driving on how to fix him. After arguing and bitching by the two doctors on what to do, Derek eventually becomes brain-dead and all of our souls have died. But don’t worry, Shonda wouldn’t make suffer through anymore sadness (that was sarcasm btw).

The most heartbreaking part of the episode is Meredith finding out and having to deal with whether or not to take Derek off life support. Then flashback of the two together fill the screen as “Chasing Cars” plays and Derek dies. I feel like “Chasing Cars” is the shows go to song for anything involving death. I actually liked the song too…not anymore.

This episode was just one big massive rollercoaster of emotion. Derek’s death was literally out of nowhere. Before we talk about Derek getting hit by a semi, can we talk about how Derek would have been fine if he didn’t have to look at his phone? Or is that just one of the many things that happen on Grey’s that we don’t speak about? But it got me hooked on the episode to the point where I set everything down just to watch it. It was intense.

Ellem Pompeo deserves a freaking Emmy because she was amazing as the bitchy over-emotional widow. She played it so well. I enjoyed watching her rip a doctor a new one as he was trying to explain the process to her. She was like “Bitch, please! I’m a better doctor than you!”  Then she was that supportive bitchy over-emotional widow.

Next week is the big 2 hour funeral where everyone find out, including his sister because she wasn’t important enough to be there to say goodbye in person.

Hopefully, next week’s round will be shorter.

What did you think of the last episode of “Grey’s Anatomy?” Let us know in the comments below

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