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It’s that time again! Time to count down the top five singles on an artist and bands. This week, we are counting down the top five singles of the Backstreet Boys. Before we start, this is covering the entire Backstreet boy catalogue, including that time where Kevin wasn’t in the group. So let’s start the countdown of their top singles.

5. As Long as You Love Me

Before Justin Bieber had a song by the same title, Backstreet Boys were already on it and was showing people how they can dance with folding chairs and with their abs out for the world to see, this was a common occurring in the 90’s music videos for them. The song showed people that they would be here to stay on the music scene as long as you loved them (see what I did there?)

4. Incomplete

In 2005, BSB got back together after a short hiatus. In that hiatus, they battled their demons and matured into young adults type people. This song was the start of the more mature Backstreet. “Incomplete” was completely amazing and is one of their most epic ballads ever. It was also one of their last single with Kevin before he decided to take a longer break until 2013.

3. Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)

You know all the words and it’s hard not to sing along because it’s just so damn catchy. It was pretty much everyone’s “Look who’s back, bitch” theme song and still gets a lot of play. The music video was pretty much the 90’s version of “Thriller”. How could you not get down to that? The song rocks your body right because Backstreet’s back-alright?

2. Quit Playin’ Games with My Heart

There first massive hit. The song and the video rocked the 90’s and was BSB first time tearin’ up the hearts of their teenage fans.


1. I Want It That Way

Letz be real for a moment and talk about how iconic this song is. It’s pretty much that one song they are known for because of how it’s so iconic. The music video alone is something that is timeless. The iconicness of the video is why it’s number 1.

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