In A Flash: The Trap

TheTrapWelcome to the first edition of “In A Flash”, the corner where we breakdown this week’s edition “The Flash.” And boy, it was a good one. This will contain spoilers so if you haven’t watched the episode for this week, go watch and come back to this. Now this won’t be a rundown on the show because, you watch the show. Instead, it will be an overview with spoilers. Now let’s get this bad boy started.

This episode was just balls to the wall. Let’s start with the massive amount of info that was given to us and Team Flash from a newspaper article written about The Flash disappearance in 2026. Iris ends up marrying Barry, Iris was the head of the CSI of Central City Police, he invented Eobard’s liar computer named HAL. It was just one big mind blown. It made my heart smile (yes, that is possible) when I found out that Barry married Iris. Then my soul died when I realized that more than likely it won’t ever happen because Barry finding out will mess up the timeline. Irony about this is hilarious because in the same episode, Eddie wants to marry Iris. Joe tells him no because he doesn’t wants Iris to realize that she’s marrying the wrong guy because he know she’s in love with Barry. This made my soul regain it’s life back. Even the villain ships Biris or Bariris, but I’ll get to that later on.

Team Flash decides to set a trap to catch Eobard and that went as expected because 1) he’s the Reverse Flash and 2) he has cameras up everywhere to watch everything. Like he said, he’s always one step ahead of them. Barry and Eobard have a one way screaming match was intense to where Barry told him that he could kill him just as long as he confessed. One would think that he would accept this, but it turns out he’s one vindictive bastard. Instead, he planted his wheelchair to give them a fake place just enough time to go after Iris and Eddie, who is a relative of his. So he’s a smart vindictive bastard. Barry realizes this but he’s too late as Eobard leaves Iris and takes Eddie as his “Kinsurance”, I think Eddie is Eobard’s father and him wouldn’t be alive if he married Iris. ¬†Pretty much, he too wants Biris to happen. Oh, and Iris finally realizes who the flash is but that’s no big deal.

Overall, this episode set up for the end of the season perfect. I cannot wait to see what happens next. I hope it ends with Iris and Barry together but I feel like they are going to kill her off. But the moral of this episode is that everyone wants Biris to be a thing and I’m okay with that.

Did you like this week’s episode of “The Flash?” Let us know your opinion of it in the the comment below.

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