Arrow: Crying, Marriage, and a Canary Cry

321arrowWelcome to the “Untitled Arrow article thingy,” the corner of the blog where we talk about the latest episode of the hit series “Arrow.” Aren’t my title getting more clever as we go? This will contain spoilers so if you haven’t watched the episode for this week, go watch and come back to this. Now this won’t be a rundown on the show because, you watched the show. Instead, it will be an overview with spoilers. Now let’s get this bad boy started because we have a lot to cover.

So let’s first talk about Oliver and him joining the League of Assassins. Yes, I will still refer to him as Oliver because I believe that he will come back around. I really hope it’s just there master plan that Team Arrow came up with. But this episode featured more montage of Oliver fighting and going through something sort of transformation where he still shred his Oliver Queen name. In between thinking his victims is his friend Diggle, he leads the League of Assassins to Starling City to capture Nyssa because she betrayed the League. Like one would expect, he is stuck to face his friends that are trying to protect Nyssa from Oliver.

Nyssa is also teaching Laurel how to be a badass bitch, which she looks like is starting to be one. Her fight skills need work before they are on fleek. Sidenote: Her Canary Cry is on fleek and it’s awesome. Nyssa is also learning from Laurel how to be normal and makes us kinda want to ship them. But that’s not the plot of this episode. The league ends up getting Nyssa after Team Arrow battles the League rather impressively with the help of Diggle’s wife, who ended up getting kidnapped by Oliver. The most shocking thing was Thea Queen wearing a hood and shooting her brother in the arm. #badassbitchstatus. Thea spent the episode trying to help but kept getting turned away, which you think Team Arrow wouldn’t do because hello, she’s trained to be an assassin. Thea also found out from Felicity that Roy is still alive and got his location so that she can start over fresh with him.

Felicity pretty much spent the entire episode bitching and moaning about Oliver and crying. Most people on Twitter found it annoying, I found it adding depth to the episode. She represented Team Arrow’s want to get Oliver back and their sadness at losing them. While Diggle was the staying strong and in the now member,  Felicity is the one that is feeling what they are.

The real shock came where Raul Al Ghul told his daughter, Nyssa is going to marry Oliver to make the two families one instead of killing her. Both of them looked shock and they should have because that just came out of nowhere.

This episode was intense. It was pretty much amazing, like always. I can’t wait for the last few of season three.


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