List it!: Tips to survive life after college


With it being the time of year for graduation, I thought that I would share a list of tips on how to survive life after college. Here is that list:

  • Don’t freak out if it isn’t to your plan – Everyone has a dream of what life will be after you graduate. You will move out of your parent’s house, get your dream job right away, and living life to the fullest. More than likely, this won’t happen…at least all of it. You may get your dream job but you’ll still be in your parent’s house or the living on your own but don’t have a dream job. It will be fine. Plans are just plans and aren’t set in stone. Make the best out of every situation. You’ll find get to your plan eventually, just enjoy the ride.
  • “What are you doing here?” – Be ready to hear this question many times if you aren’t automatically working in your field/major. There is no shame in a starter job and they are honestly just curious about your future. No matter how annoying the question can, just answer it truthfully and smile.
  • It’s okay if you don’t go into your field – It’s okay if you decide to not go into your field/major at all. You will still get good use of your education in one way or another, but don’t feel like you are wasting away however much debt you are in. Like your life plan, things change like you have. You changed and realized that it wasn’t for you.  Realizing it before it’s too late is the most adult thing one can do.
  • Student Loans is a horrible invention – Student loans suck. They suck up all your money to the point where you are stuck living at home. If you learn early on how to manage them, you will be fine. Paying them off will only make your look better down the line when you can get your own place/car. Just think of them as the payments to freedom.


These are the just the main points. They will differ for each person. Hopefully, this list will help.


Have any tips for future grads? Let us know in the comments below

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