That damn carousel strikes again

leavinghomeWelcome to this week’s edition of “Code Blue,” our weekly recap of the Grey’s Anatomy episode that has causes us to go into cardiac arrest and have the need to be struck with the paddles. This week’s episode was a big one as it’s the 2-hour episode that has the funeral that no one wants, along with the carousel of pain.

The tentative title of this recap was going to be “Where in the World is Meredith Grey?” because for 95% of this episode, she goes AWOL and runs aways to grieve and to give birth to her baby girl Ellis.

This episode jumps around to cover different conflicts between the characters as Meredith is away. April goes to war with Owen to fix people up and cope with life with Jackson not understanding why, Callie finishing up her and Derek’s trial, Amelia not letting Derek’s death affect her, Alex trying to help his friend, and Bailey and her husband discussing if they want the other to pull the plug if need be. The episode was on fleek, it was true to Grey’s Anatomy fashion. The only thing I wish that they would have done more with Derek’s death. They only did like 10 minutes of his funeral. I would have liked to hear the eulogy or something like that. Especially since the episode was marked as a tribute to McDreamy.

Next week’s looks like it will be a top-notch when we finally get the showdown between Amelia and Meredith about Derek’s death.

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