Pretty Girls is a summer hit

Pretty Girls

It’s an exciting day today because it’s the release of Britney Spears’ new single “Pretty Girls.” Featuring the talented Iggy Azalea, the song is feels like it’s the sequel to the mega hit “Fancy,” which I hoping that someone will make a mashup of it. Britney is killing the vocals on the song and it kinda reminds of her early days…when she would sing like she was a real person. The song is extremely catchy and lyrically isn’t something that isn’t too deep. It’s about being a pretty girl — plan and simple. Don’t believe me? The hook is this:

All around the world, pretty girls
Wipe the floor with all the boys
Pour the drinks, bring the noise
We’re just so pretty!
All around the world, pretty girls
Jump the line, to the front
Do what we like, get what we want
We’re just so pretty!

Yeah, it’s a very shallow song but that is how we like it. It’s 100x better than her last album (minus a few songs) mainly because it sounds like didn’t touch a thing and they didn’t rush recording it. The vocals during Iggy Iggy rap is the best. It’s really shows off her voice. Iggy also kills her rap, she even references Brit’s first single “Baby One More Time.” The only thing I didn’t like about the song was the fact that end didn’t have a big climax. It just kind of ended like “okay, Iggy was featured so lets call it a day.” I wish they had the vocals during the rap also at the end. Pretty much, I wanted to hear Britney belt it something, it could have been her saying “ah” and I would have just died.

Overall, the single is going to be a smash summer hit and it will the summer’s “NOW That’s What I Call Music CD,” because people still actually by that. Brit’s ninth album is definitely going to be an awesome album. Here’s the single for your listening pleasure:



Rating: 5 Britney’s number one singles out of 5

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