How to look more attractive on Social Media: Profile Pictures

Profile Pictures

Facebook is one of the easiest, and creepiness ways for someone to get a “sneak peek” at you without ever talking to you.All they have to do is type your name in the search bar and then BAM!  Your profile is right there for them to go through and figure you out.They can see your interests, what friends you have in common, and what type of person you are just by searching your name. Now, I bet you’re thinking to yourself how you can make that good first impression from your Facebook?  Well, don’t fret-I’ve got you covered.

The only situation we have in this picture, besides my outdated reference, is that he looks like douche.

Your profile picture has to be the best representation of you. Mirror photos are usually a common profile picture but can occasionally make you come off as something you’re not. Make sure your mirror is at least clean because while a dirty mirror selfie was in like five years ago, it just makes you look like you have no self-respect for yourself to clean or your just lazy. Take the few minutes to clean your mirror off. Make sure you also don’t have your flash on. Your mirror is reflective and it will cause the flash to take over the picture and just big one big ball of light. Pro tip: make sure we can see face in it.

While we are on the subject of mirror selfies–Guys, flexing shirtless in front of the mirror may get you dates for clubbing and some other fun, but it makes you look like one of the biggest douchebags out there. Big ole douchebags don’t get dates. Also, put a shirt on and pose like a normal person. And smile because women like a guy with a nice smile and not one. Make sure your picture is a recent one as well. You usually don’t look the same as you did back five years ago.

Besides the blurry makes you think your drunk, it also makes a nice girl look like she’s easier than a game of hopscotch

And ladies, posing and making the signature pout duck face doesn’t make you cool. It’s rather out of date. Have a little respect for yourself and just freaking smile. Not to mention, it makes you come off like you are full of yourself and no one wants to date that. It’s also really tacky to have your profile picture just be a close up of your face–especially if the light of your phone is shiny bright like a diamond all over your face and making you look like Edward Cullen’s long-lost sister/cousin/daughter/thing or like a corpse. If you are normally pale in real life, then that is fine. But if you’re not, then don’t make it so in your picture.  Pretty much ladies, make sure you look like you do in real life. If you don’t, then you are technically cat fishing and becoming a social pariah.

You want people to look at your profile picture and go, “man, that’s one cool person”, and a photo like that isn’t the way that is going to happen.  Not, “damn, they look hot mess.”  Again, you want your profile picture to be the best representation of you that you can have. So put down that tablet that you are taking a selfie with because no one will take you serious, a take a real one like a somewhat adult that you really are.


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