Arrow: This is Your Sword and now we’re married

This is Your SwordWelcome to this week’s edition of “Arrow”…..I ran out of clever titles,okay! On this week’s episode, we had a wedding and a mass murder with a side of poisonous gas all rolled into one. So let’s get this bad boy started.

Oliver is still Oliver!!!! That’s right, Oliver is in it with Malcolm Merlyn to take the league down from the inside. This was a breath of relief because I don’t know about you, but I didn’t want to see him go to the “dark side.” Well, he’s on the dark side pretending while he’s still good but yet hurting his friends in the process to prove that he’s on the dark side. Oliver is just 50 shades of complicated now. Especially when he’s suppose to marry Nyssa, who doesn’t want to marry him. Hell, she even tries to kill him during the wedding.

The real kicker in Oliver’s life is that Raul wants him to totally kill and destroy Starling City┬ávia poisonous gas. Because mass killing everything always makes for a fresh start. Team Arrow,minus Thea, gets a wind on this and decided to adventure to the island of misfits assassins (I know that it’s not the right name for the place of the League of Assassins but deal with it because I find it catchy). There they have a bomb ass fight where everyone looks BA, including Laurel. Turns out that it was all just a decoy (shocker!) and they got taken prisoner because it was all the master plan. Malcolm then throws Oliver under the bus and ends up getting himself and Team Arrow to get into the League of Assassins version of gas chamber. And this is where the episode ends with a cliffhanger that is no longer suspenseful because the preview for new week’s episode shows everyone live.

The best news of the night is that Thea and Roy finally get closure after massive hours of sex. Roy handed over his red outfit to Thea, who according to the preview, becomes Speedy (look him up). I knew that she would be speedy when she appeared the last week with a hood and arrow like a mofo badass.

The sad news of the night is that Oliver’s best friend’s wife from China appears to help Team Arrow and she’s a badass. That’s not the sad part, but rather she killed her own husband. It was very depressing especially when he thanked her for freeing him.

Overall, this episode was probably the best episode of the season. I cannot wait until next weeks.


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