Seattle’s bridge is falling down….oh, Meredith argues with Amelia too

time stops

Welcome to this week’s “Code Blue,” actually it would rather be a code ehh because this week’s episode of “Grey’s Anatomy” was actually pretty bland…actually it was very anticlimactic. The saddest part was that the hype from the preview last week of Amelia vs Meredith happened at the end and only lasted probably five minutes and wasn’t anything that made me do what I call the Grey gasp. It’s that gasp where you are utterly shocked by what’s happening while being slightly upset because you’re getting overly emotional by what is happening.

They introduced the new interns and they had Dr. Webber gave “the speech” to them because he’s the new interim chief because Owen Hunt decided to leave which, was totally out of left field. The interns are pretty much boring. They are also very stupid….like more stupid that normal. Not like interns operating on each other stupid but worse.

There was an accident, I believe that a bridge collapsed on highway. Honestly, it’s not important because their is a guy in the accident that is stuck in a car because the car is impaling him in two places and Meredith was willing to tag him as dead while Amelia was wanting to think of more ways to help him. This leads to Amelia telling Meredith that she should have called her to help Derek because she could have helped (see the similarities?).

Here’s the side notes of the other things:

  • Webber and Catherine Avery wedding day is going down with Jackson as a bridesmaid and Bailey as a Best Man. The surgery postpones the wedding and then an argument over a procedure (see below) causes them to seems to be on the rocks.
  • Hunt wants to freeze a kid in order to save his life but Jackson and mother says it’s too risky. But the two physicians rule overturns Jackson (thanks to Karev and Webber). Spoiler: it worked.
  • April and Jackson are having problems…not really sure what.
  • Oh, Meredith is going to live in her old/Karev’s house because she is going to sell her house because it doesn’t feel like her home.
  • Karev and Jo fight about something and I don’t remember what so I’m guessing that it’s stupid and not important

Overall, this episode was lackluster because the acting. The best part was when they played superhero like music when April is on the back of a tow truck with the guy impaled with the car. It was more kinda funny than anything. Hopefully, the season finale next week is better and more interesting. And for the love of god Shonda, please stop with the Derek clips. I get that he’s dead and you have to pay Patrick Dempsey still but it’s just stupid now.


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