American Idol won’t be making back to Hollywood


After a decade on the air, “American Idol” will be ending it’s decade run on FOX after it airs its 15th season next year.  But this really isn’t a shocker due to the lackluster ratings and it being a huge suck fest for years.  Can you name the last good season of American Idol? Can you name the recent winners? We can somewhat name the judges because of there is always so much drama between them and the American Idol judges seems to be the island of misfit judges.

There judges never seemed to make sense after the original three judges, which slightly made more sense because two of them where producers and one danced with a cartoon cat in the 80’s. They also blended well with each other. Their personalities complimented each other perfectly. Simon Cowell was brash, Paula Abdul was the kind one, and Randy Jackson was the calm relaxed one. Simon and Paula got into fights while Randy told everyone “Yo, dawg! That was tight, really tight!” It was magic–pure magic. That is one of the reason Idol lost it’s spark.

I hope the final season is something like “The Battle of the Idols” where all the previous idols compete for the title of “the American Idol.” That would be hardcore.


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