Top 5ive: Britney Spears Singles


Oops! I did it again. We will be going into the Queen’s discography and picking the top 5ive singles that Britney Spears has ever released.  Instead of the studio version, inserted below will be a very good remix/performance of the song. So without further ado, here’s is this week’s Top 5ive–Britney Spear’s Single.


5. Everytime

Everytime is the first song that Britney wrote and is pretty much one of the greatest ballads in Britney’s huge ass songbook. It’s her answer to ex-bae Justin Timberlake’s “Cry Me a River.” It’s just amazing song. The video also scarred us for life when it showed us the death of Britney Spears and pretty much foreshadowed her downward spiral in 2007. We were scarred even worst when it was involved in the movie Spring Breakers. Yay for Britney scarring us for life.

4. Gimme More

Speaking of downward spiral, who can forget the performance at the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards that has given the song a bad reputation because the train wreck. But the song is pretty much one of the greatest songs she has ever sung. It’s catchy like a case of the herp and you slowly become okay with listening to it on a loop because you want more, and it will give you more. Luckily, Britney performed the song in an awesome over the top mashup with “Get Naked (I Got A Plan)” during her Femme Fatale Tour as she partied like an Egyptian.

3. Toxic

“Toxic” is another song that just gets stuck in your head. The riff, the lyrics, and the beats just sends you and a ride and it’s pretty much an amazing ride. And who can forget about that music video of iconicness. Britney playing dress up, an amazing timed out dance break, and Britney killing men. If that doesn’t say iconic, I don’t know what does. This song is a classic and will forever be one that Britney will perform over and over again.

2. Oops! I Did it Again

The single was the start of Britney’s reign of Queen. It showed that Britney wasn’t a one trick pony but rather the Queen of Pop. The music video is just as iconic as the song. We all can recite the word to when the space man gave her the gift of her own picture. Fun fact: I know all the dance moves to chorus. This song is an amazing song and still is to this day. Like 96% of Brit’s songs, it’s iconic.

1. I’m A Slave 4 u

Is it really a surprise that this is song is number one? It’s the single most important single of Britney’s career. It started what I call Sexney Spears or Sweatney Spears, because every music video after this seems to have her sweating sexually in it. It started more songs with huge amounts of sexual overtones to where you definitely won’t know it’s about sex until later in life. But this and the music video is pretty much all kinds of awesome. Everyone has tried to memorize the dance moves or tried to find a club like the one in the video. The video is #iconic.



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