Grey’s Anatomy Code Blue: Ferry boat in a Cellphone

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Welcome to this week’s edition of “Code Blue,” our weekly recap of what happened on Grey’s Anatomy. This week’s edition will be short and sweet because we have another week of a code ehhhhh. This was the season finale and it was rather lackluster. So we are going to just reflect on it instead of going over every last detail.

Let’s start with Jackson and April. They are pretty much dead in the water at this point. Jackson doesn’t want April to go back on a tour and won’t wait for her because he doesn’t want to go through what he had to before and she doesn’t seem to get it. It’s a rather touching because he’s encouraging her to go.  We will have to wait until next season to see if April says or goes away. I slightly hope they stay together but I like badass April because the old one was annoying and made me want to perform open heart surgery on myself.

Then we had Catherine and Richard fighting over rules and regulations because they aren’t used to being around someone like them. It was rather cute because they are just strong head people. I’m glad they did end up getting married and it beautiful. I’m glad they finally got happiness. I also hopes that mama Avery stays in Seattle because I find her refreshingly funny.

The biggest shock is the fact that Meredith Grey was sisterly to her stepsister and former/current sister-in-law. I think the death of Derek has made her more feely and understanding. She was really supportive of Maggie during her time in need and made amends with Amelia by letting her hear Derek’s voice one more time. See, she just not cold and dead inside.

Overall, this season finale sucked. It was actually rather boring. Especially after the what has been such a cray season. Hopefully Season 12 will be an amazing season. I’m calling Izzie Stevens for Chief of Surgery.


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