In a Flash: Cliffhangers, Wormholes, and Marriage.

Season1 finale

Welcome to this week’s edition of “In A Flash!” It’s the end of the first season and boy it did end on a HUGE note.

This finale was an okay season finale. Unlikely it’s sister show “Arrow,” the finale wasn’t rushed. In the same token, it dragged until the last moments. They really should have joined last week’s episode with this weeks because that would have more than likely been better. The episodes focus was on whether or not Barry was going to go back in time to save his mother because that would drastically change the present. I don’t understand how Barry would need pretty much 30 minutes to make the decision but I’ll move on before I go on a rant.

Barry goes through the wormhole and sees the events of his mother’s death. Barry decides to not be selfish and ruin the timeline, like that was ever not an option, and shows his mothers who he became before she dies. Then he fights Eobard before Eobard is defeated. But it wasn’t Barry that defeated Eobard.

Oh, Caitlin and Ronnie got married. It was short and sweet and not really sure if it was legal….moving on.

The saddest moment of the episode, besides Barry watching his mother die, is when Eddie sacrifices himself to stop Eobard. Eddie and him coping with Iris’s “destiny” to marry Barry was kind of the subplot of the entire episode. After some inspiring words from Dr. Stein, he comes to terms with it and his own personal destiny, which he realize was to take down Eobard. Eddie was honestly one of my favorite characters from the show. I hope that he doesn’t really die but rather come backs….with powers.

Speaking of which, it was revealed that Cisco is a metahuman. I know right–not really a shocker but still a shocker. I’m glad for this because he deserves powers. But it also adds the question, does Caitlin have powers? (Note: Yes, I’m aware of the fact that Cisco and Caitlin are heroes in the comics. But this isn’t the comics. If it was, then Team Flash would be less helpless).

Overall, the finale 10-20 minutes of the episode is what saved it from being a horrible finale. From the moment Barry jumped out of the wormhole and punched through the machine to the cliffhanger ending, that was best part.

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