#TBT: Ode to a girl named Mandy

JonasBrotherMandyYes, we are going that far back because it’s time for an Old School Reflection on the Jonas Brother’s song “Mandy.”

The song is overlooked but as it was the brothers before purity rings and they were the mouse’s puppet. It’s their first single and isn’t actually that bad. It was more rock than what their other songs where.  It had like a “Good Charlotte” kinda of vibe to it. It rather rocked like hardcore.

The lyrics were something simple and not too deep. It was about their love for a girl named Mandy. They were like really young so the lyrics show that. The song also is the only single that has Kevin Jonas singing on it where he is audible and not singing backup. He’s vocals are actually rather good and is very shocking that he wasn’t featured on anymore singles.

The music video was split into three “episodes,” which was an okay idea. It would have been a better idea if it was three different songs with each episodes and not the same song for all three episodes

Overall, the single is a pretty good début single. I wish they would have stuck with the style of music they used in the song because I really wasn’t a big fan of their future stuff. Here’s the song for your listening pleasure:


Rating: 4 purity rings out of 5

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