The Trailer of Tomorrow


The trailer was released this week for the new  CW show “DC Legends of Tomorrow.” And boy, does it contain so many spoilers for season four and two of “Arrow” and “The Flash”….well, mainly just “Arrow.” The only real spoiler from “The Flash” is that everyone survived the wormhole formation but that one we already figured out.

Here’ the short synopsis of the series, which will début in 2016:

Rip Hunter travels back in time to the present day where he brings together a team of heroes and villains in an attempt to prevent Vandal Savage from destroying the world and time itself.

So expect the mid-season finale of both shows to set up this series so it can air while they are on hiatus for winter. The series also features characters from both series like The Atom and Sara Lance, who aren’t dead. The Atom didn’t die in the explosion but rather just got really tiny and Sara was resurrected in the Lazarus Pit….like Thea Queen. It also features the début of Hawkgirl, Dr. Stein flying solo–somewhat, Flash super villains Captain Cold and Heatwave as they team up to save the world and become legends.

The show honestly looks really good. It’s giving popular characters new life,literally, and more time to shine without taking away from the story that “Arrow” and “The Flash” are trying to tell. I can not wait to watch the first episode. Now, I’m not big on the trailer because it gives away a little too much about what happened/is going to happen in its sister shows. Example: Oliver is wearing Green again and Sara Lance’s resurrection. Sure, it doesn’t say how it happened, but it still gives away too much.

Here’s the trailer for your eyes to view and judge:

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