Sage the Gemini and Nick Jonas know Good Thing



Nick Jonas has returned and he is here to tell us about things that are good with his “friend” Sage the Gemini. The two recently released a collab that has the people throwing their underwear at them because Nick Jonas makes legs part like the red sea….yeah, I went there.

While the song list Sage the Gemini, who sounds like he’s a superhero, as the main artist on the song, it’s really Nick that is carrying the entire song. His verses are pretty much awesome. Sage’s parts are rather dumb. They don’t really do anything to the song. They are like Kevin Jonas in The Jonas Brothers, just kinda there. I’m honestly waiting for a Nick Jonas solo version or even a mashup with Ariana Grande’s “Love Me Harder” because that would off the chain.

Overall, the song is a very good song but it’s only the Nick Jonas parts that makes the song great. Sage’s parts weren’t that great.

Here’s the music video to watch (note: Nick Jonas is trying to seduce you in it so beware):

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