You’re drunk, Lifetime–go home!


Last Week, Lifetime decided that they were going to get in on the Full House pandemonium and release the first cast picture of their Full House movie. Boy, the casting director was drunk when they casted because none of the cast looks like what their real life counterparts looks like. Here’s the picture of the lifetime cast:

They look like bad toy knock off versions. I get that Lifetime was trying, I really do, but they really should have tried a bit hard. Like way harder. Joey looks like that creepy uncle that you don’t want to leave your children with because he likes to get touchy, Jesse’s wig looks like an animal crawled onto of his head and just died, and let’s not talk about Danny because he looks like he likes to “hug” the cradle.

Pretty much, they pretty much casted a random group of people and then realized afterwards that the actors have to look like the original cast. It doesn’t seem that hard to cast lookalikes but yet Lifetime finds a way to screw it up.

I cannot wait to watch this train wreck when it premieres in August 22 at 8 p.m. I hope it’s just as bad as their Saved By the Bell movie. Never mind, nothing can be worse than a movie told by the point of view of Dustin Diamond.


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