Degrassi is going to Netflix


Just when you thought the show that has more drama and sexually transmitted diseases than the Kardashians finally ended, it comes back. Degrassi has officially been picked up by streaming network Netflix starting in January 2016.

After shocking the world last week with the announcement that the series, originally called “Degrassi: The Next Generation,” would be canceled by TeenNick after the completion of its summer 2015 season. “Degrassi” has been on the channel for 14 years and became the only thing constant on the channel, who has gone through multiple names and formats since it’s creation back in the mid 2000’s.

Real talk–it’s time for “Degrassi” to end. Teen shows aren’t mention to be on for more than a few years. It’s not meant to be on for years. Yes, it’s kind of like the Canada’s version of Sesame Street–instead of numbers and counting, they teach you about sex and drugs, the real things children should be learning about.

The show should have ended instead of being picked up by another network.

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