Seriously Degrassi!?!


With the return of Degrassi to our televisions, this has brought up many questions involving Canadians and the plot of the show (all incarnations of it) in my mind. I thought I would “think out loud” and write these down for the world to see. So here is my random thoughts. (Note: I know that Degrassi is not an accurate representation of Canada and it’s beloved Canadians. I’m not a 15-year-old girl).

You spend money on school uniforms because of a dance gone wrong but you don’t spend money on a proper sex education class? How many STD outbreak and pregnancies has the school had over the years? In the United States, that would cause people to want to fix it. Like getting a sexual education class or ever school chastity belts. If you didn’t get school uniforms after a shooting or the even when the Manny Santos thong incident, there really isn’t a point. ¬†Are your student even really informed on this stuff? Seriously Degrassi!?!

If you have people/bands that have been successful and famous, why not have a better music program? Another program that you need to have. If you have enough funding for school uniforms and a football team, then you should have enough funding to get a better arts program. Especially with the age of YouTube and getting discovered on there, *cough*Justin Bieber*cough*, they would tackle that. Seriously Degrassi!?!

Does your school even have a health program? Because your schools drug use is just way out of control. How the hell do they even get their hands on this stuff? Does Canada have vending machines full of drugs? I’m starting to get the fact health/sex education classes aren’t important up Canada. Seriously Degrassi!?!

And while we are on the subject on education, where the hell do you find your teachers? They are either sleeping with students or no even in the school. If you are seeing a company or a site for them, you really need to change that because it’s not okay. But hey, at least they are getting sex ed. Seriously Degrassi!?!


Thank you for reading/listening to my rant.

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