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Today, Selena Gomez released her newest single called “Good For You,” and boy, it’s not what I expected.

Before this single, Selena’s music has been more poppy. But “Good For You,” is little bit more urban and is more R&B than pop. It’s a rather nice change of pace and the style of the song is what makes it not what I expected. When I heard she was going to be making a new single, I was thinking someone like her last album “Stars Dance” and her last single “The Heart Wants What Its Wants.” But boy, was I pleasantly surprised by this song.

It’s a nice slow jammer, that features A$ASP Rocky spitting some rhymes. While the rap portion is fine and helps set the tone, it’s nothing really magically. You could take it out and still have the same tone and vibe and the song with be pretty amazing.Vocals on the song are amazing. It some parts of it, it doesn’t really sound like our seleners.

Overall the song is pretty much the best song that Selena has ever done. The song is going to be a summer hit. If this is the direction that Selena is going to go with for her album, I totally approve. I’m now really excited for this album.

Here’s the single for your listening pleasure:



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