Don’t tell you mother but “Cool For The Summer” is out



Demi Lovato released her newest single for her fifth studio album and it’s pretty much nothing that I expected to hear from Miss Lovato.

“Cool For The Summer” is a far cry from Demi’s past singles. For one thing, she drops an F bomb in it and it’s very dirrty. It’s also more poppy than her music has even been. It’s still pretty catchy

At first, I wasn’t real big fan of Demi’s new single. After listening to it for a couple of times, I started to dig it and like it. The song is rather catchy and gets stuck in your head. The vocals on the song are the usually Demi standard but that it takes also 2 minutes for the song to get good is what hurts its.

Overall, it’s not the greatest song in the world but it is a catchy one. Hopefully, the other singles are stronger and better. But Demi’s new album is going to be amazing if she is going to change-up her style.

Here’s the single to listen to but don’t tell your mother:


Rating: 3.5 locks of Demi’s hair out of 5

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