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confederate flag

So we are going to have a real talk now because I’m rather annoyed. I’m annoyed with the fact that people are complaining about how businesses have stop selling Confederate flags after the shooting in a church where the members are predominantly black. People are complaining because they feel like their freedom of speech is being violated. Walmart stated that they were pulling items with the confederate flag on because they “never want to offend anyone with the products that they offer.”

Whether we want to believe or not, the flag represents racism, slavery, and white suprematism. We can thank our ancestors that were in the Civil War for that one. It only makes sense because many people were hurt/offended by the shooting and the motives behind the shooting. The event was seen as a hate crime, an act of terrorism. Yes, it’s our history and we aren’t going to sit there and forget about it. It’s just most people aren’t going to sell the flag because it could be viewed as “spreading racism and hate.” Think back to Rock and Roll and it’s beginnings. People didn’t play Elvis Presley’s music because people were afraid that it would corrupt young people.

Society likes to put the blame on things when bad events occur. Example–Columbine shoots caused the media to blame Marilyn Manson because that was the shoots were listening to. The shooter of the church posed in front of a Confederate flag so the flag became the item to blame.

Personally, I don’t get too offended with the Confederate flag because I don’t have any emotional or mental connection. I just slightly find it trashy to have it up. You could be deeply offended by it. And it’s your right to say it. No one is going to have the same opinion on these things, but it’s best to respect other opinions. This is why it was easier to just stop selling the flag. It respects the majority opinion, which at this point is that people are offended by the flag.

Now let’s get to the point that annoys me: the people bitching about the ban is people couldn’t care less about the flag before that. Stop your bitching and stop acting like it’s affecting you. Damn bandwagon jumpers.

The ban doesn’t really effect me so I could care less. I’m writing this because it’s the point that I don’t think people are seeing because they are too worried about their rights to be hinder, which if the confederate states won, then many people in this country wouldn’t have the right anyways just an FYI.

Just consider both sides of the coin before you decided to lose your mind over it.


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