Top 5ive: Selena Gomez


Top 5ive is back! And we are coming back with the Top 5ive singles of the beautiful and talented Selena Gomez. Now, this is covering her singles when she had that band.  So without further ado, here is the Top 5ive of Selena Gomez.


5. Falling Down

The first official single of Selena’s  musical career. Off Her and The Scene’s first album “Kiss & Tell,” the song is pretty much about getting made fun by the media. It became a kind of hate song that a scorn lover can you to “stick it to that son of a bitch.” Overall, the song is very very catchy and is one of the favorite of SG&TS (I’m pretty sure I just made that Abbreviation up).


4. Come and Get It

It’s the single that we heard over and over and over that kicked off Selena’s solo career with a bang. The song showed that our little Selena is going to change up her musical style for something more…electropop. It’s a playful serenade to a lover that when he is ready, to “come and get it.”  “Come & Get It” sent Selena up the charts and peaked everyones interest about what her solo album will sound like.


3. Love You Like a Love Song

If you thought hearing “Come & Get it” was bad, then you must not remember when we couldn’t walk anywhere without hearing this song or repeat-eat-eat-eat-eat.  It’s literally the most successful single of Selena’s career, both with the Scene and as a solo artist. I’m not going to explain the lyrics to you because the title just says it all and we’ve all had it stuck in our head like a bad head cold.


2. Who Says

The most meaningful of singles, “Who Says” was a song that told people to not care if you are perfect because you are wonderful just the way you are. The song tugs on your heart strings. The song is pretty much the anthem to being beautiful “Just the way you is.”


1. The Heart Wants What It Wants

This is the realist of really deep songs that Selena has ever done. It’s probably one of the best ones, even if it was on a crappy greatest hits album. It’s literally a song about dating Justin Bieber. You know that he’s a bad boy and you don’t want to date him, but you can’t help but date him because “The Heart Wants What It Wants.”  Yeah, it’s that kind of song. But overall, it’s an amazing song.

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