Paranoia gets the last laugh


Another week of people has passed and everyone is looking like a bunch of paranoid jackasses. Welcome to The Pop Project’s Big Brother 17 breakdown.

Before I get into the week’s event. Here’s my opinion of the houseguest that remain:

Audrey: Queen of Chaos and Mayhem

Austin: Dude, is starting to be smart

Becky: She’s still a bitch and a massive trainwreck

Clay: He’s a massive douchebag…and kick of a tool.

Da’Vonne: Mama Demon; her mother runs more than she plays the game

Jackie: She hosted a competition this week…that is all

James: He’s a massive tool

Jason: He’s too basic to quit….he’s also annoying

Jeff: Reigining and defending Douchebag of the Week; He also managed to tick off America

John: He’s starting to grow on me….like a mold

Liz/Julia: Bitches

Meg: Oh my god, she’s annoying and just there.

Shelli: She’s just a pawn in Clay’s game

Steve: He’s a creeper, massive creeper

Vanessa: She’s starting to grow on me


Here’s what went down in bulletin points

  • Shelli nominated Da’Vonne and John; They lost the Battle of The Block because Shelli and Clay wanted John to throw it but Da’Vonne’s strategy just sucked a big one.
  • Becky nominated Steve and Jason; They won the Battle of The Block because they actually worked together.
  • Shelli wanted to get rid ofDa’Vonne this week but had Becky believing that she wanted to backdoor Audrey
    • Fun fact: Becky wanted to get rid of Audrey because Audrey was “talking bad about her.” What. A. Bitch.
  • John ended up winning the Power of Veto. Shell and Clay wanted him not to use the video so they didn’t have to nominate another houseguest. John quickly said no to that
  • After Da’Vonne started paranoia about Julia and Liz being apart of the Twin Twist and then tried to use this to get Julia and Liz’s vote.
  • Da’Vonne won the last laugh after answering a phone booth as the 7th caller. This granted her the ability to cancel out three houseguest votes. She used it cancel Jeff, Jackie, and Becky’s vote to make it look like it wasn’t her.
    • Fun fact: it didn’t help because Da’Vonne evicted; She called everyone cowards because they don’t want to put Audrey up due to looking like a transphobe (I’m not sure if that is a real word but it is now).
  • Week 3 ended with Vanessa and Austin winning HOH.


Holy crap! It’s been a very long two weeks in the Big Brother house. Audrey is being a queen and pretty much ruling the house. At this point, I would have Julia and Liz vote separately because they already know that there is a twin twist twist. It would also add more to the game. I’m also calling it now that there will be a Double Eviction next week.


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