How to not annoy people with Facebook memories


Facebook is all about saving memories and with the addition being able to see what you posted years before, it’s just one big memory board. You might as well just not try to remember events and just post it on Facebook because it will save you some energy in the long run.

With this recent addition, it’s very easy to annoy your friends and then lose them. Because I’m a nice and caring person, I have decided to help you not annoy people because friends are hard to come by these days. So here are two tips to help be less annoying:

  • Don’t repost all of them– Just because it’s there, doesn’t mean that you have share it. Now, this is the part where you go “If they don’t like it, then they don’t have to view it.” While that is true, don’t play that card because it’s over done and let’s be real, you want people to see your stuff deep down. So inside of reposting every little thing, just repost the major events. This will keep you friends and not look like you are trying clutter your friend’s timeline.
  • Photos don’t need to be share more than once– Don’t re-share photo memories because let’s be real, they can look through your photo albums themselves. That’s also a pain in the butt for a news feed. If you decided to re-share photo memories, then you should pick very important events. Don’t just do trips–trips are a pain in the butt because of how many pictures.

Unlike most social media articles on here, this is just covered in two tips. Mainly because it’s memories are simple on Facebook. Hopefully this will help you be more likable.

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