The queen has fallen in a less than twisted week


I know, I missed a week but hey, I was too busy celebrating that Jeff left the house. But hey, I’m here now to talk about what has been a less than twisted week but still eventful week. Here’s my thought on the houseguest:

Audrey: paranoia has taken her 🙁

Austin: He needs to think less with his penis and more with his brain

Becky: She’s still here!?!

Clay: the new douche of the week.

Jackie: She’s still in the house???

James: He’s funnier now that but still annoying

Jason: dude, wtf!?!

John: I’m pretty sure he’s the smartest person in the house at the moment

Liz/Julia: They are playing Austin and it’s hilarious

Meg: I find her to be growing more annoying every minute of the game.

Shelli: Clay’s pawn…or is he her pawn?

Steve: That creepy uncle that just sit there and watches

Vanessa: 2nd smartest person in the game


The breakdown of this week:

  • Shelli and Liz/JuliawinHOH this week
    • Shelli nominates Jason and John
    • Liz/Julia nominates James and Jackie
  • The plan of the week was to get Jason out because AudreytoldShelli that he was coming after him.
    • Shelli and Jason discussed this and found out that Audrey was trying to stir the pot. This will comeback later on this week…oh, spoiler alert!
  • DuringtheBoTB, James and Jackie dethrone Liz/Julia
    • This resulted in Liz/Julia, John, and Jason to form a boyband called “Wackstreet Boys”
  • Vanessa wins the POV and that is when hell takes form in the house.
    • Clay and Audrey have a massive argument.
    • Audrey and Vanessa have a massive argument
    • Audrey sells out her alliance members.
  • There is a massive house meeting about Audrey where they decided that she needs to go this week
  • Audrey spent almost 6 hours in the diary room the day of the POV meeting.
  • Vanessa uses the POV of Jason
    • Shelli nominates Audrey, who decides to sit out the meeting.
      • Fun fact: she told Audrey that she will see why she did it but really Audrey really wasn’t a threat.
  • Audrey spends the next days in her own personal sequester from the house
  • Audreyis evicted from a vote of 10-11
    • Austin/Judas voted to evicted John
    • Audrey had a penalty vote for eating normal food and not giving a flying f***
  • Jackie and Vanessa win the next HOH


So let’s get this out right of the bat. I agree with the eviction of Audrey because everyone has their time, but I don’t agree with the way they when about it. Was it really necessary to have a house meeting singling out a houseguest and then not have the houseguest there?? That was bad judgement on their part. It was also border line bullying based on a person’s definition of the term.

While I like Audrey, I’ll be the first to admit that she dug her own grave. I hope she comes back because that week will be the most intense night of the season.


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