5SOS Song’s Kinda Hot



The Australian band recently released their newest single entitled “She’s Kinda Hot.” The song is actually rather amazing. It’s definitely not like their previous singles from their self-titled debut album.

The song is starts off rather nice guitar riff before getting into the lyrics. Now the lyrics are rather simple but yet are rather deep (not to mention that it says the word bitchin’ in it!). It’s really talking about how you will be fine if you have dreams that no one really understands, something the band themselves have probably gone through.

The song is more punk pop oriented. This definitely fit them more. While their previous singles were rock, they were a tad bit mainstream, by which I mean power pop, and somewhat didn’t feel like them.

Overall, the singles is something that is catchy and will make your rock out. Here’s the single for your listening pleasure:

Rating: 5 seconds out of 5

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