Austin Mahone likes dirty work

dirtyworkWhat is with every singer coming out with a summer song about sex? Well, Austin Mahon released the video for his summer sex song “Dirty Work.”

It features Austin get a job in an office of grumpy horny people, where he hooks up with the slightly older hot co-worker before they all break into a dance with random people.

Yes, that is the premise of the video. And yes, it’s pretty much him looking to make himself look like he can get any girl. The video is already better than “Mmm Yeah” because it doesn’t feature Mr. Worldwide. The office people look like they are from the island of misfit toys because they are just so random. It also has all of his teenage girls throwing their undergarments at him like:

The song is catchy but this music video doesn’t really help add to the song. Especially with the fact there is talking/skits through out the song and they don’t help with the flow.

Overall, decent music video that no one with remember. Here’s the video for your viewing pleasure:


Rating: 3 Sexual harassment in the work place lawsuits out of 5

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