What I learned from TV: Mexican Culture


Fun fact: Favorite Mexican telenovela–aka soap opera–ever is Rebelde. It’s about a group of teenagers that attend a private boarding school, and eventually form a pop group named “RBD.” Now I’m in the process rewatching the entire first season of it on Netflix, which is grand by the way, but it has taught me a lot about the Mexican culture.


Here is what I learned:

No one there really upholds the drinking age- In the show, the teenagers are drinking and not one of the adults seem to care. They casually mention that they are “too young to be drinking” but nothing really happens. It’s like “is there really a drinking age or is it one of those laws that is there because you have to have one?” It just too relaxed for my taste if you ask me, Mexico!!

People get famous all the time there and fast- The band magically gets together one night and then like a few months later they get a record deal. WTF, Mexico!?! Is really that easy to get famous there? I can go down there, throw a group together in like a few minutes, perform a couple of times and then bam! You’re famous. Now this show was recorded in 2003-2006 way before YouTube and getting famous on the internet was a thing. Pretty much confirmed that Mexico can look into the future like Raven Baxter.

It’s okay to be in older and date a teenager- Yes, you read it right. They have teenagers dating adult figures. Like they have a young girl dating the school prefect that is probably in his late to mid 20s, at best. They also have a young girl going out with her friends way other brother. The parents don’t really seem to care, which is a good transition to the next point….

Parenting is a foreign topics to some- Some of the parent’s are just horrible people and shouldn’t have been able to reproduce. One brought his son a hooker so he can become a real man, another makes extremely rude comments about her daughter’s weight that leaves her scared for life. Where’s protective services the entire time that this happens? Are they magically on vacation or did Mexico close them down to fund other things like bars for the teens?

They taking bullying to a whole nothing terroristic level- I’m going to keep this short and sweet because once I state the reasoning for this, you’ll understand. The boarding school that they attend has a secret cult that terrorize the students attending via scholarships until they leave the school. It’s not like teasing, but rather beating them, vandalizing personal belongings, and even kidnapping them.


There will probably be a part two of this but this is what I have learned so far. Let me know in the comments below your thought and what you have learned about Mexican culture from their telenovelas.




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