Redux: Sexlena Gomez is what’s Good For You in this re-release

g4u redux

Welcome to the first ever Pop Project Redux! It’s where I take the original review and well, re-release it…or something like that. Today, Selena Gomez re-released her music video for “Good For You” now featuring the A$AP Rocky in it! Check out our redux review of it! Here is the original review.

Sexlena is back in her newest music video for her single “Good For You.” This music video is probably one of the sexual videos that Selena has done during her musical career.

So here’s the synopsis: She’s rolling around on the floor singing, then she’s rolling around of the couch singing before she starts to sing in the shower. Just when you think she’s getting comfortable, she moves to the outside world where she’s not wearing pants and sitting on a stool singing. Then she pretty much reenact sitting on top of someone and having a good time while singing before she tells us how good for you she is. So pretty much, she’s trying to seduce like the seductress she is.

The music video is ehh. I like how it’s just focusing on just Selena and totally removes her song partner, but I feel like it’s just her moping around her house being all anti-social and depressed, which is so 2008 btw. Don’t get me wrong, I like the more mature side of seleners, but give me more than just you rolling around on the floor and in the shower.

The video also features A$AP rocky just creeping in the background. The really sad part of this is the editing because it feels like they just rushed to put him in the video. The only plus to this is that his verse is now very explicit (yes, we have a explicit Selena Gomez song!) and that we get to see new shots of Selena being sexual. It also reminds me of Mac Miller’s part in the video for Ariana Grande’s “The Way.” I didn’t like that either.

Overall, it’s a like the song, and not the best music video. It could have been a tad bit better but it is what it is. They really should have left it at just one video for the song and not like 2 different version of it. I would go with the explicit version I had to pick my favorite out of the two.

Here’s the video for your viewing pleasure:

Rating: 3.5 Justin Bieber shrines out of 5

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