Get on Nick Jonas’ Level


Nick Jonas has blessed us with a new single entitled “Levels” today and oh boy, it’s the song that I didn’t know I need to end the summer.

Teasing us for about a month with it, “Levels” is pretty much following Nick’s newly found R&B roots with part 70’s pop roots and it’s a grand old time. Yes, it’s a love song about how love will take you high, hence the levels, “I know, we can get higher/There‚Äôs levels to your love.” It’s an extremely catchy song and will be stuck in you head for days…well, I’m assuming that since it’s only been out for a few hours at this point. Pretty much, it’s one of the best song of the summer by a mainstream artist.

Here’s the song for your listening pleasure:

Rating: 5 levels out of 5

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