Demi Lovato’s next single leaks


Oh my Mitchie! Demi Lovato’s second single has leaked earlier than expected and pretty much is the greatest thing that she has had leaked since the script of  “Camp Rock 3: Milk this Franchise.”

The song is called “Confident” and it’s pretty much the anthem of people who thinks highly of themselves. The whole entire of song is just magically delicious. I’ve had this song pretty much on repeat because it’s just so damn good. From the obviously fake horns to the beat, it’s just so wonderful for the ears. I’m not one to overly gush over Demi music either, but this is one of the best songs she has “released.” I’m rather glad that it leaked. If “Cool for The Summer” and “Confident” are any indication on what her album will sound like, then I’m pumped for it.

Overall, amazing song and I cannot wait for it to be official release and the album

Here’s the song for your ears to partake in:

Rating: 5 Camps Rock numbers out of 5

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