Kinda Hot EP of the Summer


Holy @%#$&! 5 Seconds of Summer has blessed the United States with an EP of their hit single “She’s Kinda Hot.” The EP is really kinda hot though (see what I did!?!).

The EP varies but features two different versions of the single “She’s Kinda Hot” and two unreleased songs, which could actually like four to five unreleased songs depending where you purchased the album.  All the songs on the EP are pretty much too legit to quit. All the songs on there are pretty much crack for your ears. It even has a song off of their new album “Sounds Good Feels Good” called “The Girl Who Cried Wolf” and it’s pretty much my new favorite thing in the history of things.  “Over and Out” would have to be my 2nd favorite song.

Like I said in the last single review I did for 5SOS, their music has been on fleet lately. Click the link to listen to the EP.

Rating: 5 Seconds of Summer out of 5

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