Months that suck: September



Today is the start of September. September pretty much the Sundays of the months due to May-August being the weekends of the months. September is just kind of there. It’s the “Oh crap, time to get back to life” month. It starts out warm and hot and then just kinda gets a bit chilly. Everyone closes up their pools, puts away their beach/summer items because no one will use them after Labor Day, which let’s be real–that’s a stupid holiday. Summer doesn’t technically end until halfway through the month but we all think it ends as soon as labor day passes.

It’s also sucks because school starts back up and unless you are in college, no one really enjoys going to school. It’s only enjoyable for the first couple of weeks because you get to see all your friends again and then you are like “When’s the next vacation?” At least when January, the Monday of the year, comes, you are you know that you are going to hate going back to school. At least then you know that you will hate it right from the start. Beginning of the school is like you are really hoping for the best but eventually come to the conclusion that it sucks and will always suck so what’s the point of trying to make it suck less because it will.

September doesn’t even have any cool holidays either. Like I mentioned before, Labor Day is a lame ass one. Arbor Day is a strange one too. I mean, did the Holiday makers go “Well, I guess we’ll make Labor Day a thing in order to make September seem cooler?” Well, it didn’t make it cooler just blahhhh.

Pretty much, September is the worst.

3 thoughts on “Months that suck: September

  1. It doesn’t “kind of” suck, it totally sucks. Sucktember. At least in Southern California it does, it’s the most miserable oppressive month of the year weather wise, in addition to reasons stated above. Hate it. There should be a law against this f***ing month!

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