Justin Bieber fake kidnaps girl…yeah


Justin Bieber premiered the newest video on Sunday for his single “What Do You Mean?”  The video itself is a trip and a half.

All the video is Justin and his girlfriend rolling around in bed and “having sex” without having to show it.  After their fun time is over, they get kidnapped by men in mask. They escape and jump out a door and into a skating dance party that was set up to…surprise her?

I kinda get how that is romantic, but they were shoved into a trunk and she was probably terrified and you didn’t bother to tell her “hey, you just been punk’d?” That is just one messed up surprise.

Here’s the music video for your viewing pleasure. It’s okay. I’m not big on the song and the music video just makes me angry because fake kidnapping like that is just mean.


Overall: 3 tears out of 5

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