Dancing with the….yeah, we ran out of Stars


Well it’s time for another “thrilling” season of ABC’s Dancing With the Stars. This season they decided to add a twist into the show but not including hardly any stars into the mix for what I’m calling “Dancing With the bottom of the barrel of Stars.”

Here’s the list of the “stars” that are participating and why they are “stars:”

Tamara Braxton– she’s a singer, talk show host, and reality television personality. She’s also Toni Braxton’s little sister.

Gary Busey– He’s an “actor” and reality train wreck. He’s there for ratings

Nick Carter– He’s a Backstreet Boy….wait, is a Boy Bander really in a Dancing competition?? That seems a bit unfair.

Paula Deen– She’s a chef and a racist! She’s just there for ratings and the feeling that anything can happen LIVE! Rumor has it that she’s going to rub butter all over the dance floor.

Victor Espinoza– He’s a Jockey…..yeah, that’s how far in the barrel they had to dig.

Andy Grammer- He’s a singer whose last name is spelled wrong

Hayes Grier- He’s on Vine and makes more money in 7 seconds than you do…and he never lets you forget it. Oh, his brother is also a “Viner.”

Bindi Irwin– She’s a hero to animals, former rapper/singer, and she acts. Her father was the Crocodile Hunter

Chaka Khan– She’s a famous singer that no one under the age of 30 probably never heard of. She’s not to be mistaken for the Khan that killed Spock, or Kirk in the newer Star Trek Movie.

Carlos PenaVega- He’s an actor and singer. He was in “Big Time Rush.”

Alexa PenaVega– She’s an actress and singer. She was the bitchy sister in the Spy Kids movie and did that one show on ABC Family that was so bad, it’s no longer mentioned like it’s HeWhoMustNotBeNamed!!.  She’s also married to Carlos. I think they did this on a dare.

Alek Skarlatos– He saved people from a train……I’m not going to make fun of him because that’s really cool.

Kim Zolciak– She’s a Real Housewive….that’s right, they pulled a “star” from Bravo. They really are desperate.


That is the cast of “Dancing With the bottom of the barrel of Stars.” It’s starts on September 14. I would continue with “this is going to be the first season where half of the ‘stars’ no one knows” but that would be a lie…it’s not the first but it won’t be the last, sadly.

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