Buh Bye Big Brother 17


Big Brother 17 has really taken a turn for the worst in the recent weeks. We are three weeks away from the finale and the double eviction show really pissed me off to the point where I turned it off and just followed the action on twitter because it was that horrible. I’ve stopped my weekly column on the show because it just got stupid. So this is my Big Brother rant. Enjoy! Please note that this was written before the HOH competition happened after James and Meg’s eviction. 

Austwins are literally the worst. You got Austin and Liz fingering every five minutes, which they should just have sex at this point because they aren’t leaving anything to imagination with their sessions. Julia is the most likable out of the two of them but she’s just kinda there.  The really sad part is that everyone has had multiple chances to get their asses out but nope! No one wants to get blood on their hands involving the Austwins. Congrats to Austwins because they are pretty much guaranteed a spot in the finale.

Steve and Johnny Mac are pretty much idiots at this point because they should have evicted Julia instead of the girl who had the nickname of Grandma. WHY WOULD YOU MAKE SUCH A STUPID MOVE!?!?! It would have made more sense to do it at the last double eviction when Steve nominated Jackie and Meg. Pretty much the jury house is one whole alliance. WTF?

Vanessa is pretty much dominating the game to the point where she was trying to get Austin to throw the HOH comp last night. She had a hand in all the evictions from the week 3 until now. Girl is a shady bitch and she knows it. Out of everyone at the moment, she deserves to win it but it still will suck.

The Moral of the Season is that everyone should have listened to Audrey.  If Johnny Mac, Steve, and Vanessa want to win then they need to

End Rant.

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