Let’s Tarwasted!


Data breaches isn’t the only thing that you will soon be able to get when you head to the retail store of Target, or better known as Tar Jay. The franchise is looking to serve you alcohol while you shop.¬†

Target applied for their liquor license in August to serve and sell alcohol in the a store near Chicago’s navy pier. So you’ll be able to take your children to the store for groceries and get a bit tipsy and lose them in the toy department.

Now this hasn’t been approve yet but Target wouldn’t be the first store to have a bar on-site for its customer, or guest as they call them, to partake it as they shop.¬†Whole Foods Market and Wegmans also serve their customers.

Personally, I cannot wait for the wasted in Target page to hop up on the internet because it’s going to better than People of Walmart mainly for the fact that they are going to be totally and complete wasted off their mind. I think this is either going to end badly or be very successful (or both).

If you are in the area for the first Target with a bar in it, then it will be tentatively popping up in October. Make sure you get some Starbucks to go with that Target hangover of yours!

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