Nick Jonas is in your Area Code


Nick Jonas released a song via his SoundCloud page on Saturday that….well, it screams “I’m in da club.” It’s a full song and not a club and feels like he’s doing as a fun tribute or joke to artist that specialize in being in “da club.”  Here’s the song for your ears to hear:

Like the majority of Nick’s latest album that came out last year, it’s very sexual and dirty.  The song itself isn’t a horrible sound but it’s nothing like “Levels” or any other of his music.  It’s just not really good. It sounds, and probably, a demo that he posted to give his fans more.

It also sounds like Nick created a response to Selena Gomez’s “Good For You” because it makes slight references to it in the song. Does this mean Nelena, or Seck, is back together and “Good For You” really for Nick? Someone needs to make a mashup of this like now!

Overall, it’s an ehh song. If this was a review it would be like a 2.5 out of 5 but it’s not.

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