Selena’s tired of that Same Old Love

Same Old Love

It has finally happened! We have a Selena Gomez song where she swears in it! I know, I’m like a 5-year-old when it comes to stars swearing…especially if they are Disney Stars.

This song is well….better or on the same page as her last single “Same Old Love.” The song is a catchy and written by the hit machine that is Charlie XCX, which you can hear on background vocals during the chorus. It’s seductively good as the beat just makes you want to dance. The lyrics are brutally honest and amazing. It’s pretty much Selena yelling at you that it’s over and that she’s tired of falling back in love with you – in song!

I’m honestly very excited to hear the rest of the album because the singles have been awesome so far and just deliver.

Here’s that song for you to listen to:

Rating: 5 loves out of 5

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